1.You can notify for a loss, an illumination notification, a counter fault, an interruption due to your debt, and the opening of your electricity.

2.You can get information about all the interruptions that have occurred in your area.

3.You can be notified about the programmed interruption about the start and end time of the interruption about 48 hours before.

4.You can get instant information about the status of the notifications you have made in the "My Appeals" section.

5.You need to be a member with your subscriber number in order to be able to follow the news in case of breakdown / interruption related to your region.

6.You can only find illegal electricity notices without a register.

When the application is opened, it detects your location and informs you about the fault in a fault zone previously registered in the system and informs you that there is no need to call 186 call center and that BEDAŞ intervenes accidentally.